Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome to Fishers Famous Flops

Fishers, Indiana is a pretty nice place to live, with nice people, and great schools.  But it could be better.  The "leadership" of the Town of Fishers, under Town Council President Scott Faultless, leaves a lot to be desired. 

This blog, which could also be called "Faultless Famous Flops", will be about some of those failures of leadership.  These include developments opposed by neighbors, wastes of taxpayer money, approvals of failed developments of everything from strip malls to water parks, and so on.

Why this blog?  Most people pay little attention to what goes on.  I pay enough attention to know more than most, and I don't like some of what I see.  I want to share what I see and know with fellow Fishers residents. 

There will be a lot of stuff in here about Mr. Faultless and his style of "leadership".  Examples?  If someone bucks him, he gets insulting, demeaning, and threatens retaliation.  Civil disagreement is not his style... in private anyway.  He is famous for polticial cronyism, appointing those who back him to boards and such.  He shuts out anyone who disagrees with him.  He is the unelected "mayor" of Fishers, a "town" with no elected mayor, who only had a 1-vote majority on the Town Council to keep his job. 

His "style" has led to waste, mismanagement, ghost employment, and poltical purges.  But most people don't see it.  I hope to help with that. 

I hope to post at least once a week.  If you live or work in Fishers, feel free to follow what I post.  I also hope to cross-post this eventually in social media, stay tuned for announcements on that.  Feel free to suggest this to friends who live in Fishers, I hope it will open some eyes.