Friday, May 31, 2013

Faultless for Mayor???

Well, the voters of Fishers saw the light and decided to become a city.  But now the real question becomes, who will be the first Mayor of Fishers?

One might assume that it would be a member of the current Town Council who has the inside track.  But whom?  Scott Faultless was the figurehead as president of the council for years, but early this year the council kicked him out and decided to rotate the job.  John Weingardt is the current president.

However, the rumor mill has been running overtime.  Pete Peterson, the council member from Geist, was mentioned as a possibility, but supposedly he has been saying he is not interested.  Renee Cox's name has been floated as a possibility.  She was the only council member openly in favor of becoming a city.

One might think Faultless, as an active personal injury lawyer, wouldn't have the time.  But several sources now report that Faultless is in fact telling people he will run.  This makes little sense to me, he would lose a LOT of money as a full-time Mayor.

But now, "tricky" Scott Faultless apparently hasn't gotten over resenting the change to city, and rejection of his merger idea that would have created a fake, figurehead mayor.  Apparently, he wants to be a part-time mayor, and let the city manager, whom he would keep, continue to run the show.

I'm sorry, didn't the voters just reject that, TWICE?  By significant margins?

Democrat Greg Purvis' name has also been mentioned, but he has personally downplayed interest in the job. Libertarians are usually good for some candidates, but none has been mentioned that I am aware of for Mayor.  So it is just the two council members for now.

Anyone else?  Personally, I am mostly in the "Anyone but Faultless" club.  Suggestions and comments are welcome.

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