Friday, May 10, 2013

Michigan Left, update

Those who follow this little blog know that I have complained, at length, about the disasters at 96th and Allisonville, and the road construction for the "Michigan Left" that creates 4 lights for u-turns, that make you turn right to go left.  Yes, you read that correctly.

I drove thru the intersection a couple of days ago.  While it is still under construction, I believe all but one of the u-turns is open, which means that drivers are NOT supposed to turn left in the conventional manner.

But they are.  I saw FOUR vehicles in a row turn left from northbound Allisonville to westbound 96th.  There are signs everywhere not to do this.  They were fortunate that there was a break in the southbound traffic, and that no police were in sight.

But this tends to support part of my skepticism about this project in the first place.  Drivers will NOT understand, nor obey, the new traffic pattern.

Wonder what "lucky" driver, when involved in an accident here, will have a smart, aggressive lawyer who sues the Town/City of Fishers for creating an dangerous situation.  You heard the prediction here first.  More  taxpayer dollars down the drain.

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